What is Generic Levitra?

After the appearance of Levitra and its analogs based on Vardenafil on the market, which cost several times more, many men asked what was better – the original drug or its generic. The cost of Levitra may seem at first glance to be quite large, but this is explained very simply: the manufacturer company (in our case Bayer) is spending amounts comparable to the budget of some European countries for the development and testing of drugs, so it is logical that the desire to return these funds to the account of consumers is in the first place.

It is worth mentioning separately that the main active ingredient Vardenafil has a clear chemical formula, which in fact is not a secret. Therefore it is not surprising that many companies decide on the release of such drugs. At the same time, their cost is lower, and this is an important factor in favor of generics.

Skeptics will say that generic Levitra cannot provide for as good effect as the original drug does, but this is not true. Generic Levitra is the best alternative even to Sildenafil products, and this is easy to prove.

Generic Levitra is the safest medication against ED. It manifests fewer side effects than other similar products.

It is highly effective.  As practice shows, most men want to start intimacy in just a few minutes after the onset of sexual arousal. Many drugs start to act on average in an hour, and Levitra – in 20-25 minutes after taking. Although it is not necessary to call this figure unambiguously – very much depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, metabolism and the degree of sexual arousal.

Generic Levitra has a good duration of action. This factor is especially important for those representatives of the stronger sex, whose intimate life is irregular, as they try to extract the maximum from it, having received not one or two orgasms, but five or six.

If you believe the manufacturer and his clinical studies, the man can get a stable, long-lasting erection for at least 6 hours, but it is important to take into account not only the capabilities of the drug but also the general condition of the man and his partner. Moreover, it is not recommended to take more than one tablet per day. Otherwise, it will be considered an overdose, which threatens side effects.

Generic Levitra is compatible with alcohol. No matter what, in most countries, alcohol is a part of the culture, so it is not surprising that most men have sex after drinking a certain amount of alcohol. Everyone knows that alcohol in moderate amounts allows you to relax a little and to some extent stimulate the libido. For men with a problem of erectile dysfunction, after drinking alcohol, a real problem is getting excited –and there is no erection.

Unlike the sensational Viagra, Levitra’s intake with alcohol is allowed, but, naturally, in moderate doses. This is explained simply – if a man is simply drunk, his blood pressure rises, and the blood vessels expand, and additionally, Vardenafil is taken, the consequences can be deplorable – the body cannot withstand the load. Therefore, combining Levitra with alcohol should be carefully and in moderation.


Levitra generics Don’t Cause Addiction and Has Few Contradictions

One of the characteristics of Vardenafil is that it is not addictive, and a man can stop taking it at any time. Especially this moment is relevant for those men who experience temporary difficulties with potency and take Levitra in order not to have sex. You can stop taking the medication at any time, just as you can start taking it (I would like to say that many men, having experienced difficulties with potency, buy their preparations for an erection themselves, although this is not quite right, it is very common).

The drug has few contraindications. Many men are concerned about the contraindications to the use of the drug since each organism is unique and there are no universal safe medicines. Vardenafil and its preparations do not have any contraindications, as it was developed initially to improve the work of the cardiovascular system, and in this branch of pharmacology, special attention is given to the chemical compounds used in the preparations.

If you compare Levitra with similar drugs-inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5, the list of contraindications will be at least 1.5-2 times less. This means that the number of men who can take Levitra, significantly increases, which cannot but rejoice.